Words fail to describe the unbelievable experience we had this weekend with Jo and her Dream Team. The transformation in everyone was astounding…we are all so much stronger and at peace. I will never be the same again….only better! Thank you Jo – you are a special soul – sent here to guide us all. What a privilege!!! Forever grateful…
There is no way to adequately describe it – you have to experience it – just do it!!
It was an eye-opening experience to reconnect with yourself; to learn things you didn’t know about yourself in a peaceful and safe environment, with a sense of belonging and no-judgement. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful gift you have imparted to me!
I cannot thank you enough for the believing in me, encouraging me and coaching me to reach goals beyond my wildest dreams – I am so grateful.
Barclays Graduate Egypt
Joanne is a people’s person and everyone that attended her training sessions have walked away with a lot more knowledge and confidence… She is a credit to herself and her course material and training skills have done wonders for our Company.
Warren Flynn
Regional Director Nandos KZN:
Apart from her high levels of competence, Jo is a great people-person. She managed clients, some of them difficult, with aplomb, diplomacy and always left them feeling satisfied with their investment. She has a natural warmth which creates a sense of ease in challenging client environments. Jo consistently delivered to proposal, cost and time and impressed me with her flexibility to suit client need. She works primarily from the client viewpoint, not the textbook, which in my view is the mark of an excellent consultant who delivers real business value.
How does one begin to describe one’s interaction with Joanne Moss?
Each day, when the sun rises, right there next to us rests our road map.
Sometimes reaching out for it becomes a daunting task.
“Should I really use it or just leave it there allowing it to gather dust. Better still, why don’t I just tear the bloody thing up and try something new,” reckons a little voice in your head.
There are times when certain circumstances trick us into forgetting that we all are pioneers. We, for some weird convenience, even for a fleeting moment, forget that every day we must embark on a voyage of discovery. The road map which is yours and nobody else’s must never be torn or be allowed to fade under tons of dust… The gates of this world open up once we stay true to this map.
“It is not enough to take steps which may someday lead to a goal; each step must be itself a goal and a step likewise.” These are Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s words which could have easily come from Joanne Wildt.
The change in me that has been influenced by Joanne’s skillful coaching has helped me realign my focus and learn to swim with crocodiles to get to the other side of the river.
Themba Khumalo
Editor in Chief - Daily Sun/Sunday Sun
I have had the pleasure of working with Joanne for at least the last 5
years. In my time at Standard Bank as the Head of Global Operations for
the retail bank, we used the services of Joanne to facilitate and guide a
newly combined team to a different level of integration and delivery.
Joanne has a unique ability of reaching deep and causing people to deeply
reflect on where they are emotionally and intellectually, the challenges
that they have difficulty in or reconciling and is always able to lead
them through the decision making process where the end result is firmly
embedded in the hearts and minds of the teams.
For a number of years I have used the services of Joanne as a personal
life coach professionally for work related challenges and more recently in
2015 to provide guidance to my thought process as I traveled through the
emotional “ups and downs” associated with getting divorced. During this time Joanne has also supported me in my transition to SBV as the MD and now CEO. Joanne is a true progressional who has the ability to ask very thought
provoking questions that cause you to reach deep in order to obtain a
deeper understanding of yourself, I find that Joanne is incredibly
intuitive and is able to read her audience exceptionally well.
My experiences both professionally and privately under Joanne have been
nothing short of incredible and wouldn’t have any objections to recommend
her for any coaching and facilitation work, she really is the “best of the
The management session has made a great impression on everybody and the buy-in & awareness it has visibly created is of immense value and has created a ripple effect throughout the company. As the group is quite energetic and challenging, I must compliment you on the professional and effective way you handled the session to get to such a successful outcome. The one-on-one sessions, even though ongoing, have also been very fruitful and seem to have made quite a difference in some individuals’ lives and work performance.
Joanne has been involved with the Primedia group over a number of years at various levels – from staff on the ground to executives. She is an extremely professional coach and facilitator. She is able to draw out the best in people and always elicits full participation from attendants in working groups or seminars. Her communication skills are superb and she has the ability to convey complex issues in such a way that all participants are able to gain benefit. I would not hesitate in recommending Joanne to any company that wishes to engage a real partner in organisational development.
CEO Primedia
The People Mechanix, spesifiek Joanne Wildt is verseker die beste waar dit kom by bestuursopleiding en afrigting. Daar is talle instansies wat opleiding verskaf en gewoonlik is almal dieselfde maar Joanne en haar maatskappy maak werklik ‘n verskil. Sy maak seker sy verstaan die behoeftes van die maatskappy, wat die einddoel moet wees, sy vereenselwig haar met die betrokke afdelings en VERSTAAN die afdeling se kultuur, verwagtinge, probleme en suksesse. Die entoesiasme, professionaliteit en mensgeorienteerdheid waarmee sy opleiding/afrigting verskaf is absoluut wat haar en haar maatskappy uniek maak.
Beulah van Rensburg
HR Manager - Media 24 Newspapers & Magazines