Jo Marsh struggled with the disease to please for most of her life. It took her through a traumatic childhood, two divorces, a broken relationship with her mother, and ultimately, two battles with cancer by the age of 45. At this point, Jo realized that her people-pleasing tendencies were nearly killing her. Her career was in tatters and she was in shock. Determined to make a change, Jo embarked on a radical journey to find a cure. She explored alternative practices like reiki and reflexology, followed gurus, tried mushrooms, and transformed from a family peacemaker to a wild and free adventure seeker. In her quest, she was able to find the cure!

Fearlessly Fear To Be Me offers a different approach to healing yourself from the inside out! Jo will help you regain your self-esteem at your core so you can live a whole and fulfilled life independent of others approval.

This book will share 7 Simple Steps that can shift you from being a prisoner of your past to being a pioneer of your own shining future.

"Jo Marsh's Fearlessly Free to be Me is a thoughtful and poignant story of a brilliant success in self-determination - against the odds of relationship traumas and extreme health setbacks. Jo's style is easy to follow, her insights are deep and meaningful and her advice is practical. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this part-memoir, part-self-help book."
Paula Marais - Author of Shadow Self
"Jo's book gave me a fresh perspective, deeper sense of self-worth, and the courage to be true to myself."
Cheri. J