Fearlessly Free to be Me!

An 8-week course that will help you
turn your life around and live it on your own terms.

With Jo Marsh

You deserve the life you have dreamed of but right now perhaps these are the ghosts that haunt you:

  • Do you suffer with the Disease to Please and live your life on others terms?
    It’s YOUR time NOW!
  • Do you rely on others for validation and affirmation?
    The truth about self worth is it comes from SELF – not others!
  • Do you struggle to prioritise yourself?
    Find out how to start prioritising YOU guilt free!
  • Do you fear being ALL of who you are?
    We have the WINNING FORMULA!
  • Do you struggle with boundaries?
    It’s the start of a whole new life and we have the ticket to your long awaited freedom!

FREE Clarity Call

In our free Clarity Call you will:

  • Get Clarity on what is holding you back, and what outcomes and goals you want to achieve.
  • Discover the causes and possible Blind Spots that could be unconsciously driving your thoughts, choices, behaviors and therefore outcomes.
  • Experience the value of a Safe and Non-judgmental space to explore sensitive or difficult topics, that could be troubling you.
  • Understand the reason why it is vital for you to ONLY EVER be you!
  • Take a sneak peek into an unstoppable you.

Hi, I’m Jo

I’m a catalyst for change for bold hearted women who are ready to make themselves a priority and live the life they have dreamt of.  I enable and empower them to put themselves 1st; confidently make scary decisions they’ve been avoiding and have the courage to say “no” guilt-free.

Right now you are hiding in the shadows of your fears, doubts and excuses.  You are not here, to keep riding the rollercoaster of drama that is wiping you out on every level, but your freaking fears are holding you hostage and keeping you stuck!

The overwhelm of wondering where to start is drowning your capacity to even see the possibility of your new life!

You ARE ready to leap through the fire of fear to reclaim your self worth and live a magnificent life. All you are just missing is the trusted guidance; step-by-step “how”and the accountability so you can make the jump from where you are today to the unstoppable you tomorrow.

Are you longing for a life filled with innerpeace, unshakable selfworth, heartwarming fulfilment and jump-out-of bed purpose?

Now’s the time to breakthrough the barriers and take the 1st bold step to becoming the woman you know you want to be.

“Words fail to describe the unbelievable experience we had this weekend with Jo. The transformation in everyone was astounding…we are all so much stronger and at peace. I will never be the same again….only better! Thank you Jo – you are a special soul – sent here to guide us all. What a privilege!!! Forever grateful…” Alani Janeke


This 8 week course is here to help you overcome your fears; override self-doubt; build rock solid selfworth; keep you focused on your path and will not let you fall off it.

What’s Included:

Weekly video modules designed to lead you step-by-step through the process of altering your course through life.

8 weekly Group Coaching Sessions to keep you accountable, focused and energised.

Private Membership to the Fearlessly Free To Be Me Facebook Group for support and encouragement


A FREE ebook – Fearlessly Free To Be Me – as your handy guide with your reflections to remind you of your journey on those “cloudy” days!


R17,200 / $995


  • Make the decision to go beyond the norm and change your life
  • Invest in yourself and be open to change
  • Commit to yourself and to the process of regular sessions
  • Find a way to surround yourself with like-minded people
  • Create an environment that reflects what you are stepping into



  • Create a safe space to share thoughts, emotions and sensitive or difficult topics without any judgement or shame.
  • Help you gain clarity on what is holding you back from the life you want
  • Empower you to take action with courage and help you find freedom to live your life on your terms
  • Gently hold you accountable for fulfilling your desires and keeping your dreams alive

“It was an eye-opening experience to reconnect with yourself; to learn things you didn’t know about yourself in a peaceful and safe environment, with a sense of belonging and no-judgement. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful gift you have imparted to me!” Tracey Allen

“I Loved your book!!! What a beautiful piece of work!!! Simplicity at its best – easy to follow and understand! The roadmap is clear, concise and builds confidence that I CAN do it! I am so inspired and it makes a tough journey easier. I am excited to work with you.” Lisa Dumas